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July, 2019 – Riwal, the aerial work platform and telehandler rental and sales specialist, has created an online library of branded BIM machine models and can support customers with in-house experts who advise customers about which aerial work platforms are best suited for their job at height.


Riwal has branded 30 BIM (building information modeling) files of machines that are in their rental fleet. Each machine can be found for free online at bimobject.com, one of the largest BIM libraries available or on our website. They can also be accessed through the My Riwal customer portal. The 3D machine models come from reputable manufacturers such as JLG, Genie, Skyjack, and Nifty Lift. Due to the ongoing nature of this project, all of the machines in the Riwal fleet that have available BIM files will eventually be available online.


The models are to scale, and thus can be used in combination with other BIM files to create realistic 3D models of construction sites. This allows contractors to create plans that are more realistic and anticipate where machines are needed. In the Riwal library on bimobject.com, all of the models offered can be easily found in one place, making it easier for contractors to find the Riwal fleet. This increases information flow around working at height for all parties involved in a particular construction project.


Additionally, Riwal has in-house expert consultants who can advise customers about which aerial work platforms are best suited for their work, and then add the BIM models directly to construction site models. Specially trained Riwal consultants can advise the customer in the development phase about the cost and usage of equipment, lowering the failure cost. For example, if a customer needs to install lights or sprinkler systems, Riwal consultants can suggest which aerial work platform is best suited considering factors like entrance sizes and working heights. This also lowers maintenance costs in the future when these systems need to be repaired, because the customer will already have a record of the machines needed. In this way, Riwal acts as both a supplier and expert consultant, serving all customer needs when working at height.


René Timmers, Riwal Chief Financial Officer and responsible for Digital and IT developments, comments: “Riwal places a strong emphasis on innovation, and we believe that these BIM models will help our customers to plan out their work more efficiently. By advising our customers on projects using BIM technology, we aim to make our customers’ jobs easier and more efficient, helping us to provide the best customer experience in the industry.”


About Riwal

The Riwal Holding Group, established in 1968 and headquartered in The Netherlands, is an international rental and sales specialist of aerial work platforms, telehandlers and forklifts. Riwal employs over 2.350 people, has 75 depot operations in 16 countries, operates over 18.000 units and conducts business in over 70 countries. Riwal’s mission is through engaged people, provide the best customer experience.


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