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Press Release – Emission free compressed air from Genair

Press Release – Emission free compressed air from Genair

As most contractors will affirm, the supply of stable compressed air to power their pneumatic equipment is essential for efficient, uninterrupted operation.

However, with strict regulations regarding exhaust gas discharges and the heightening propensity to complete essential maintenance throughout out the night, the requirement for silent emission free machinery is increasing.

To meet with this demand, Genair have invested in a fleet of electric mobile compressors, each ideally suited to delivery clean, sound reduced compressed air up to 13bar.

These individually designed compressors have a working pressure of 10 –190psi with a maximum free air delivery of up to 400cfm. With a whisper quiet noise level of just 67dB (A) and protected in a fully weatherproof canopy, these brand new units are perfect for use in all situations and particularly in areas governed by emission and noise rules.

The compressors boast compact dimensions of 2400 (Length) x 1330 (Width) x 1660mm (Height) and weigh just 1600kg. They will continue to operate in extreme temperatures from minus 25º to plus 50Cº and their built-in after cooler and water separator will eliminate up to 70% of moisture. This will help with delivering superior air quality for improved performance.

There are many advantages for using an electric compressor as opposed to a diesel powered set.  Because most diesel sets can only run for about 12 hours before they need refuelling, their fuel levels will require constant monitoring, which distracts an operator away from more important tasks.  As Genair’s electric compressors run entirely free from fuel, the environmental damage from diesel spillage is completely eliminated. Furthermore, a diesel engine’s filters must be replaced every 500 hours – that’s every three weeks for a project that runs for 24 hours. Electric compressors can be left alone for up to 4,000 hours before maintenance is needed, giving them a significant advantage on all major programmes.

With the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) now covering most of Greater London and in operation 24 hours a day, every day of the year, the use of diesel polluting machinery will be closely monitored. Consequently, Genair’s electric compressors will provide a bridge refurbishment contractor, working within the LEZ zone, with a considerable benefit when completing an environmental audit.

Incorporated in April 2007, Genair Limited is independently owned and a leading rental specialist of compressed air systems in the UK. They operate from three strategically placed depots; Motherwell, Slough and in the West Midlands. Registered to ISO 9001, the Genair team has a collective 140 years’ experience in the compressed air markets, with fully qualified service technicians and ADR drivers. They supply equipment extensively throughout the UK and overseas.

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