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Paneltex launches new production range of electric trucks with Magtec

Paneltex launches new production range of electric trucks with Magtec



At Cenex-LCV 2018, the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event held at Milbrook last week, leading manufacturer Paneltex announced the official launch of its new production range of Magtec powered 7.5 tonne electric trucks, featuring three models covering parcel carrier, caged tipper and refrigerated box body applications.

After 10 years’ experience in development and refinement of its electric truck range, with long-term support from a number of key customers, Paneltex announced that it is going into series production of these 7.5 tonne electric trucks in conjunction with Magtec.

Based on the standard Isuzu N75 7.5t chassis cab with a 3815mm wheelbase, the Paneltex electric truck range is powered by Magtec P180 motor drive systems and P182 motor controllers. These motors have a peak power of 150 kW and deliver 2380 Nm peak torque. The P182 motor also incorporates a fixed ratio gearbox allowing the power to be delivered to the drivetrain at the correct speed and torque.

The energy source for the Paneltex electric truck range is a lithium phosphate battery pack offering nearly twice the runtime and nearly half the weight of similar size lead acid batteries. Vehicle recharge can be delivered via any CCS – compliant wall or post mounted battery charge point. It takes approximately four hours from 0 to 100% to charge the 80kWh pack with a 22 kW three phase charger.

The trucks are designed to operate, dependent on use, fully loaded with a range of up to 80 miles with the 80kWh battery pack. Vehicle top speed is limited to 50 mph, whilst the cab driving environment is very similar to a standard diesel equivalent, requiring no specialist driver training other than a simple handover to explain how to maximise performance and charge the vehicle. Cab layout is the same as the unmodified vehicle, using the original controls.

“The Paneltex range of electric trucks is the next generation version of the company’s well tested and refined battery electric vehicles. A decade of collecting data in operation has enabled us to work with Magtec and Isuzu Truck UK to design and manufacture an electric vehicle that is not only a zero-emission truck but also a usable, comfortable and robust alternative to a diesel vehicle for urban logistics and distribution,” said Chris Berridge, managing director, Paneltex Ltd announcing details of their new production range of electric vehicles.

The electric vehicles launched by Paneltex at Cenex-LCV 2018 included a dry goods parcel carrier body within an aerodynamically curved roof and air deflector, together with a rear shutter door and a DEL DA100 tuckaway tail lift.

The second vehicle launched by Paneltex was a caged tipper with a hydraulic tipping cylinder. The 3900mm tipper body was built by Paneltex Martrans and featured a tool box in front of the cage behind the cab.

Completing the trio of new trucks was a 7.5 tonne refrigerated box bodied electric truck with the refrigeration provided by a GAH SR351E electric refrigeration system. This vehicle is designed to provide temperatures of +4° C within the single compartment insulated box body, that has triple rear doors and a near side single personnel door that opens through 180°.

“All three zero-emission vehicles have a 250 kg higher payload than the equivalent diesel vehicle,” commented Chris Berridge.

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