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LiuGong introduces 3 NEW models at Plantworx 2019

LiuGong introduces 3 NEW models at Plantworx 2019

June 12, 2019 – Peterborough, UK – LiuGong is showcasing a 7-machine line up of tough equipment designed for the world’s toughest conditions. The full display of 915E, 924E, 928E, 933E crawler excavators that are already very well accepted by UK customers are teamed up with 3 new models. This full line-up clearly demonstrates the company’s capability to deliver machines for every major application; urban, demolition, landscaping, utilities, quarry and aggregate, mining and road & highway. The 3 new models making their debut have been inspired by close collaboration with customers. These new machines clearly underline the company’s commitment to listening to customers and to working with them to create value adding machines. LiuGong certainly has a strong product story to tell but their principal communication aim at Plantworx 2019 is to use the opportunity to generate real customer feedback for their products and services today and gain insight into what customers really need for tomorrow and gather invaluable knowledge to drive the future development of the newly established LiuGong Direct UK operations.


The new 909 ECR is a perfect example of LiuGong’s customer centric approach. Designed in close co-operation with UK plant hire customers, this compact radius machine is new from the ground up and has been designed to fill a gap in the UK’s rapidly growing rental market. Offering excellent stability, the 909ECR is a highly versatile tool carrier enabling it to use a wide variety of attachments, ranging from buckets to hammers, in road and inner-city applications.



The new Yanmar Stage IIIB engine combined with variable displacement axial pump offers fast response time and smooth operation. The hydraulic system provides a load sensing and flow sharing capability leading to operational precision, efficient performance and greater controllability.



The well positioned engine and the centered boom optimizes the center of gravity and geometry resulting in best in class stability. This excellent stability makes LiuGong models, adaptable to different job applications. A negative flow hydraulic system combined with load sensing provides faster cycle times and thus increases productivity.



Interchanging attachments among buckets, breakers and shears can be time consuming and hazardous. We’ve made it fast, safe and simple with LiuGong’s quick coupler and power latch tilt coupler. These are perfectly matched to a range of genuine LiuGong attachments including; buckets and breakers which can be changed from the seat of the cab in less than a minute, quick, safe and easy.



The 909E CR (Compact Radius) model features a short tail swing design. Operating alongside obstacles, the swing post and cylinder stay within the tracks in an offset position, so that you can avoid the risk of damage to your machine. For applications in a confined space the short tail swing ensures a safe and efficient operation.



The float function can be enabled with a toggle switch on the right side of the control panel. Eliminating the need to adjust the blade height during travel, cleanup and backfilling, making it easier to operate.


Operating Weight
Max. Net Power
Standard Bucket Capacity
Max. Digging Force
Max. Digging Reach
8,900 kg
44 kW (59 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
63 kN
6,847 mm

New for heavy demolition applications is LiuGong’s new 950E demolition excavator. This machine is the result of extensive customer consultation and with close collaboration with partners Kocurek UK. It is a perfect example of LiuGong’s ability to adapt and develop its machines to perfectly match the customer’s application. Positive customer feedback focuses on the machine’s improved stability and stronger 30m long reach boom which allows the 950 to punch well above its weight. The design of the attachment group also allows changing of standard equipment to high reach equipment and vice-versa in 30 minutes or less. This design of modular joint is now over 20 years in production and is well proven having been incorporated into over 700 units working in the field on 20 ton to 150-ton base machines. Greater reach and the ability to handle heavy weight attachments ensures that the 950 gets the job done faster. Operator comfort and safety are top priority in this demolition application excavator. The cab is modified by replacing the front window screen with 5-layer laminated glass and also to the same modification, including extending, to the roof glass. The front and roof glass are then butt joined to the front screen to give unsurpassed upward vision for the operator when working his attachments. Thanks to increased visibility with the tilted cabin, a ROPS/FOPS certified cab and standard rear-view camera, the operator can focus on the job with confidence.




The new Cummins engine combined with Kawasaki variable displacement axial pump maximizes breakout force for toughest applications. The Intelligent Power Control harmonizes engine and pump operation resulting in increased productivity and decreased fuel consumption. Increased swash plate angle reduces the fuel consumption ad noise. The spherical valve plate and improved hydraulic balance provide stable cylinder rotation, thus achieving high efficiency.



The highly strengthened X-Frame undercarriage provides greater structural rigidity and resistance to twisting forces resulting in distributing torsional stress. Increasing the durability and stability of the machine.



Good visibility and comfort are essential for today’s operator. These two factors affect the productivity, efficiency of the operator and operating safety. The LiuGong panoramic view cab offers the operator a more comfortable working environment, resulting in improved productivity. The TILTED CAB is modified by replacing the front and roof window screens with 5-layer laminated glass. The front and roof glass are then butt joined to the front screen to give unsurpassed upward vision for the operator when working his attachments. Thanks to increased visibility with the tilted ROPS/FOPS certified cab and standard rear-view camera, the operator can focus on the job with confidence.



The reinforced single piece boom and arm distributes the stress throughout the structure, these in turn are supported with forgings and castings pin holes resulting in a durable structure offering long working hours. The confidence in LiuGong machine quality is further underlined by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.



Boom holding valve is a kind of pressure control valve to prevent loads on cylinders dropping in an uncontrolled manner. For this purpose, the pressure is set higher than the largest possible load. A hydraulic piston controls the opening of the valve to achieve the required lowering velocity.



The design of the Demolition attachment also allows changing of standard boom & arm group to the high reach equipment and vice-versa in 30 minutes or less.


Operating Weight
Max. Net Power
Max. working   pin height
Max. Pin Reach
Maximum attachment weight
64,320 kg
282 kW (378 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
30 m
17 m
3000 kg

It’s a tough world and the 877H lives up to LiuGong’s promise of “Tough Equipment.” For customer applications which require heavy lifting the 877H delivers more power for less consumption. The Cummins Stage 4 engine is designed to develop more power at low speed, maximizing torque output. The power shift transmission and advanced load sensing hydraulics combine to deliver superior breakout force with speed and agility. Efficiency is improved further by the Intelligent Power Cut Off function, which improves braking and supports the hydraulics in reducing fuel consumption. The 877H also features operator safety and comfort improvements including enhanced dust filtration which significantly improves the cab environment.




The new Stage IV Cummins engine combined with 5-speed ZF powershift transmission and ZF Limited-slip differential axles deliver a superior LiuGong performance maximizing torque at low rpm for various applications.



Superior visibility is essential for safe and productive work on the jobsite, particularly when working in a confined space or when switching between multiple attachments. We’ve risen to the visibility challenge by creating a panoramic view cab with curved front glass and well positioned lift arms to guarantee the operator a clear line of sight to the bucket edge at ground level. Sight lines to all corners of the machine have also been improved to increase safety whilst the optional rear-view camera contributes to an overall visibility improvement of 15%.



ICCO offers a more dynamic control over the torque and brake systems. It improves the hydraulic efficiency, reduces the power loss on torque, as well as brake and axle temperature resulting in less fuel consumption.



Electrically actuated and wide opening engine hood in addition to centralized oil drains gives controllability and changeability of filters and oils quickly. Increasing the uptime of the machine.



A brainbox system makes the LiuGong Wheel Loader a high productive machine with low fuel consumption and gives the operator high precise controllability.



Limited slip differential limits the amount of power that is sent to another one if the one wheel is loose in traction. Wet Multi Disc Brakes reduce the breaking losses. Resulting in improved efficiency, increased brake capacity and better traction as well as reduced wears on brakes, on tyre and on axle shafts.


·       Z-BAR:

Maximizing the utilization of the machine starts with matching the machine configuration to application. Z-Bar maintains high torque in a lower lift arm position, providing high breakout force. The Z-Bar also tends to roll back when boom raised, that keeps the material in the bucket.


·       BOOM KICK-OUT:

The valve has four positions: lift, hold, lower, and float. Inductive/magnetic automatic boom kick-out can be switched on and off and is adjustable to two positions: bucket at ground level and maximum reach full lifting height.



The new 6mm hexagon grill design of the engine cooling system improves ventilation while a new reversible hydraulic fan, increases cooling efficiency with the flick of a button.


Max Gross Power
Operating Weight
Bucket Capacity Range
Dump Clearance
Breakout Force
336 hp (247 kW) @ 1,600 rpm
27,412 kg
3.5-8 m3
3,150 mm
200 kN

For further information, please visit: www.liugong.co.uk

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Marketing Manager, LiuGong Europe

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For 60 years, LiuGong Machinery Corporation has been a leader in China’s construction equipment manufacturing industry. From building its first modern wheel loader, LiuGong has evolved to become one of the fastest growing, global, CE companies in the world offering a full line of extreme duty, intuitive machines for construction equipment owners constantly challenged to do more with less. LiuGong delivers opportunity to its employees, quality products and services to its customers, financial success to its investors, and community support in the regions it serves.

LiuGong was proud to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2018. The company started with the arrival of 500 workers in the provincial city of Liuzhou in 1958. Today, LiuGong is a global success story with 19 product lines, 20 manufacturing facilities, over 9,500 employees, and 300+ dealers in more than 100 countries, offering customers the tough equipment they need to get any job done, anywhere. All with local support.

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