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Ground-Guards increase heavy duty range with buoyant XtremeMat innovation

Ground-Guards increase heavy duty range with buoyant XtremeMat innovation


Ground-Guards Ltd, innovators in plastic ground protection mats, has introduced another world first to the UK construction and rental industry – the most advanced and versatile heavy-duty matting system in the world!

‘XtremeMats’, made with an ultra-tough HDPE plastic outer layer, are designed for use in the harshest environments and are billed as being ideal for mega projects and to create large access roads to support heavy plant.

The tough 4 x 2 metre mats will far outlast timber bogmats, making them a profitable investment for long term projects and rental companies.

They feature overlapping flange joints to give total support on soft ground, and are connected with special Mega-Thread bolts for easy alignment on undulating sites.

A look beneath the HDPE outer layer, however, reveals the real secret to this new mat’s extreme strength and versatility.  XtremeMats have a special hard foam inner core, which makes them uniquely buoyant.

This buoyancy enables temporary access roads to be constructed over boggy ground, through swamps, or even floating on water!  So however soft or challenging the site terrain is, XtremeMats will cope with it all.

And unlike other mats in its class, XtremeMats can be joined in any direction for maximum versatility of site configuration.  The system includes a full range of modular bund wall sections to create spill containment areas and wash-down pads.

Marcus Oliver, Ground-Guards’ Product Development Manager said: “XtremeMats is an incredible access system for creating temporary roadways and washdown/containment areas in even the harshest terrain.  There is nothing to match its unique foam-filled design”.

XTremeMats were launched at this year’s Vertikal Days show at Donington Park, receiving critical acclaim from rental companies as a heavy duty innovation that will greatly improve the safety and efficiency of long term projects on hard-to-access sites.
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