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Empire Crane harnesses new business opportunities

Empire Crane harnesses new business opportunities


As a forward-thinking company, Empire Crane knows that keeping up with industry trends and pursuing a philosophy of innovation will create both stability and expansion for the future. The US crane dealership is increasing its fleet and opening new premises, in order to offer customers the best level of service. As part of its expansion plan, the company has bought two new rotating telehandlers by Magni, for rental purposes, due to increased demand. It has also placed an order for seven new Demag AC 45 City cranes, and will be one of the first distributors in North America to offer the units.

“Magni telehandlers are becoming increasingly popular because of their incomparable versatility,” says Luke Lonergan, CEO and vice president of Empire Crane. “They have 360-degree continuous rotation and a number of interchangeable attachments, so they really stand out in today’s market. They’re compact, easy to transport, very technologically advanced, but are still simple to use. We expect them to grow both our revenue and our customer base, as they are a great asset.”

The Magni RTH 6.30 SH has a maximum lift capacity of 6 tonnes (6.61 US tons), a maximum lift height of 29.9 m (97.9ft), and capacity at maximum height of 2.49 tonnes (2.75 US tons). Its sister model, the Magni RTH 6.35 SH, has the same maximum and lift-at-height capabilities, but can reach a height of 34.9 m (114.5 ft). Both models feature Magni’s patented quick-fit design that allows for easy switching between attachments such as forks, winches, man-baskets and tyre clamps. This makes them multi-functional as they can be operated as aerial platforms and forklifts.

The AC 45 City is the newest model in the Demag line-up and is compact, easy to transport and versatile. The new 3-axle compact crane has a lift capacity of 45 tonnes (50 US tons), is equipped with a 31.2 m (102.4 ft) long main boom and a maximum system length of 44.2 m (145 ft). With its carrier length of just 7.2 m (23.6 ft) and overhead height of 3.16 m (10.4 ft), the Demag AC 45 City crane is well suited for tight working jobsites and many indoor lift projects.

Internationally known dealer

Empire Crane was founded in 2002 by brothers Luke and Paul Lonergan, after working in the industry for more than two decades. The company offers sales and rental contracts of new and used cranes, spare parts sales, and equipment servicing. Originally based in New York with its name inspired by the state’s nickname as the ‘Empire State’, the company is headquartered in Syracuse (in New York State), and has branches in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Bridgewater, New Jersey. As well as serving customers across the New England region of the US, Empire Crane also has international customers in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Customer service is the number one priority

Empire Crane knows that gaining customers trust and loyalty involves not only supplying the products they want, but also in offering great pre-contract and after-care service.

“Servicing our customers is our number one priority,” says Lonergan. “We understand how important it is for our customers to have their cranes up and running 24/7. If the crane breaks or if something goes wrong, we understand the burden that it can become.

“Our teams carry out routine maintenance procedures and thoroughly acquaint operators with the technologies and controls in their machines. If there is ever an issue at a jobsite, our service teams go out to the crane as soon as possible, and we offer any assistance that could help the customer while their machine is out of commission.”

Leveraging a new online trading platform

In its vision to support customers and advance its business activities, Empire Crane has joined Krank, a new network trading platform that allows companies to buy, sell and rent equipment online. Krank allows users to create private networks and offer large items equipment such as cranes, wheel loaders, trucks and excavators, either within those groups or through the public marketplace. The platform does not charge the high fees associated with traditional equipment salesrooms and auction houses.

“We joined Krank because it thinks outside of the box,” says Lonergan. “It is different from all other listing sites because it allows us to connect personally with the people who are interested in our listings, as well as those whom we have done business with for decades. In allowing 1,000 free listings, there is no risk to us, only reward. It is a great tool to keep in touch with our fellow dealers to see what machines they have for sale, and to find out what our customers may be looking for.

“Krank also allows us to connect with people that we have never met before if they are interested in one of our listings. Meeting new people and making connections is vital to sales and can only help our business grow more.”

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