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Bolivian rental company adds Grove GMK6300L to its fleet

Bolivian rental company adds Grove GMK6300L to its fleet

Alanoca, a transport and logistics company, purchased a Grove GMK6300L all-terrain crane to meet the increasing demand for high-performance cranes across the country.
The 300 t crane was purchased only three months after the company took delivery of Bolivia’s first Grove GMK6400, and both cranes will be used in major projects in the country.
Alanoca has taken delivery of its first Grove GMK6300L all-terrain crane. The El Alto-based rental company added the GMK6300L to its fleet to keep up with the increased demand for lifting solutions in Bolivia, where a large number of construction projects are underway. The new Grove will arrive in October at Alanoca’s facilities and will see immediate use by contractors on numerous large-scale projects.


“The GMK6300L is well-suited to a wide array of projects, and operators will benefit from its versatility,” said Roberto Alanoca, who is a spokesperson for the company and the son of its founder, Jorge Roberto Alanoca. “There is a lot of ongoing investment in construction right now, with government projects in particular seeing a boost in funding. We will employ the GMK6300L on several of these projects, including wind turbine assembly in the departments of Santa Cruz and Tarija; and combined-cycle power plants construction in Santa Cruz, Tarija and Cochabamba.”


The 300 t crane is the seventh Grove machine in Alanoca’s fleet and the second added by the company this year. It was purchased only three months after the rental company received Bolivia’s first 400 t GMK6400, which has already performed lifting jobs at two cement factories. Both Grove cranes will be put to use on major projects throughout the country.


“We purchased these cranes because of their versatility, their features and because they increase the work speed on jobsites as demanded by contractors in Bolivia,” Alanoca said. “Grove cranes are high-capacity and high-quality machines, they are incredibly reliable, and since they have always provided good service to our clients, we decided to continue working with the Grove brand.”


The GMK6300L is one of the world’s best-selling all-terrain cranes. It boasts a 300 t capacity, an 80 m main boom — the longest of its class, which can be extended further with its 37 m jib — and a maximum tip height of 120 m, which makes the versatile model a perfect fit for upcoming construction projects.


Gerardo Castillo, Manitowoc’s regional business manager for Bolivia, commented that the increase in the number of new construction projects across the country over the last three years has accelerated the replacement of the old fleet with more modern machines.


“We expect this trend to continue for the next five years at least, especially with regard to all-terrain cranes, which have higher capacity than rough-terrain cranes,” he said. “Now more than ever, contractors in Bolivia are seeking out high-performance cranes to meet their construction projects’ demands.”


Founded in 1960, Alanoca purchased its first Grove crane in 1980. Today the Bolivian company’s fleet performs lifting operations on projects for various industries, such as mining, hydrocarbon, cement and construction.

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