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Remada combines front-end geoenvironmental consultancy with in-house remediation implementation, offering its services to land owners and developers. Based in the Midlands, the firm was formed in 2011 as a joint venture between Scientus Consulting and GJP Contract Services and the business offers an unrivalled understanding of contaminated land liabilities with the ability to seamlessly combine both geotechnical and environmental aspects of brownfield redevelopment and remediation.

Remada also operate a Soil Treatment Facility (STF) near the NEC, at the heart of the midlands motorway network, and offers a cost effective and sustainable alternative to landfill disposal for contaminated soils. The STF, operates under an Environment Agency permit for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils. Remediated soils with suitable geotechnical properties may be re-used as fill under the CL:AIRE Development Industry Waste Code of Practice.

Remada have completed many soil and groundwater remediation projects under both contractor and turnkey appointments to provide either standalone services or holistic project implementation.

One of their current projects involves site clearance and soil remediation for a residential developer at a site near Leeds. The land was previously used for a coach and haulage depot and has both under and above ground diesel fuel tanks. Plus, the buildings previously on-site have been demolished by other contractors, down to the slab level. As a result all relic foundations currently remain in place but shall be removed and processed on-site as part of the remediation work.

As a result of the site’s historic use, widespread contamination of the underlying sandstone was identified during the site investigation works. In addition the overlying made ground was impacted with Benzo(a)pyrene.

Remada’s scope comprised of ex-situ bioremediation of approximately 1500 cubic metres of impacted soil, grubbing and processing out of relic foundations, for their client’s use of soil post remediation. In simple terms all soil on site will be decontaminated and recycled wherever possible and used on site as fill for gardens etc.

To help them to work more efficiently on this and future projects, Remada have decided to invest in a Remu EE3160 HD Mix from Worsley Plant. The Remu bucket will be used to remove larger rock and soil and allow them to break down the soil more quickly, saving valuable time and money. It will be used on their new 20t excavator and it will also be available for hire to generate an extra income.

Gary Price, Director of Remada, was impressed last year after seeing the Remu screening bucket at Demoliton Expo.   After some further research he spoke with Andrew Purse at Worsley Plant and made a decision to buy. Gary says, “Prior to buying the Remu EE3160, we were using another bucket which comes nowhere near the capabilities, speed and power the Remu offers. The service levels and expertise offered by Worsley Plant is second to none and we look forward to reaping the benefits of our new equipment, both out on site and at our Soil Treatment Facility.”

About Remu Screening Buckets

Preparing topsoil for landscaping, nurseries, sport fields and yards is probably the most common application for screening buckets. With screening, bucket material can be classified as clean, high quality topsoil without stone fragments, sticks etc. The screening bucket can also be used for mixing sand, clay and compost to achieve the desired mixture required for each usage.   HD structure gives you an advantage when a bucket is used in rough conditions and when heavy wearing can be expected.

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