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Briggs and Hatz go the extra furlong with irrigation systems

Briggs and Hatz go the extra furlong with irrigation systems


Briggs Irrigation, the Northamptonshire based manufacturer of a range of successful irrigation and dirty water dispersal systems, have reported on increasing growth in their Briggs Racecourse Irrigator, powered by the Hatz 1D81C silent pack engine

This product has been developed specifically for the demands of the modern racing world and has been introduced on many courses in the UK and around the world. Accurate and uniform application across the width and length of the track are essential to provide even going and keep the turf in top condition. With the Briggs Racecourse Irrigation package this is possible in all but the worst weather conditions.

A drive system has been developed to apply very high flow rates at high speed so that the track can be watered as quickly as possible. The independent drive system also means that the machine can be used on most racecourses without any modification to pumps or underground mains

Briggs Irrigation’s Adrian Colwill said “We have many of these units working on racecourses and farms here in the UK and a few overseas. Most of the country’s top racecourses are using our machines and we have been fitting the Hatz engine for the last 6 years”.

Adrian continued “Our machines are operated up to 10 hours a day and there has been a shift towards the engine with the acoustic cover over the last few years to offer better conditions for the machine operator and to reduce the possibility of complaints about noise from the public.”

Briggs Irrigation manufacture and distribute direct to end customers from Scotland to Cornwall so reliability and good back up are crucial to their choice of engine and supplier. There are a number of options they take with the Hatz engine including a paint finish in their choice of colour.

With their headquarters in Corby, Briggs Irrigation was formed in 1985 and has developed an expanding range of successful irrigation and dirty water dispersal systems. Since the early ’90s the company has concentrated on boom irrigation for farmers, growers and groundsmen. Working closely with each sector, Briggs Irrigation now makes and markets a range of advanced irrigation booms, used by successful UK farmers and increasingly on farms around the world.

Hatz diesel engines have been around since 1910. The company has subsidiaries in the USA, South Africa, Australia, and China together with a presence in most European Countries, enabling all users of Hatz engines to find a Hatz expert in their locality. Hatz diesel engines are used to power a wide range of construction, agricultural, pumping and access machinery.

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